Ripple Tank

Ripple Tank 2.2

Ripple Tank software program is a tool for creating ripple in 3D and 2D

Ripple Tank software program is a graphics application that exhibits the interaction between two circular waves in a ripple tank. The user can vary the distance between the sources and the distance between the wavelengths.

The activity can be viewed either in two D or three D. The Ripple Tank software program has the capability to generate a wave pattern, view a pattern and then save the animations of the interference pattern.

A wave can be demonstrated in 2/3 dimensions as well as single slit, double slit, resonance, phased arrays and the Doppler effect. Not only can the simulations be saved but they can be printed as well.

In addition, there are five integrated activities in html format that are included. This application is compatible with Windows 2000, WinXP, Win98, Windows XP and Vista.

Teachers may find the Ripple Tank software program helpful in explaining wave motion and ripple effects to students. This can also be used by anyone who has an interest in waves, motion or physics.

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